Services Offered
Prestige is a full service lab specializing in Crown and Bridge work. If an item is not on the list, or if you need mechanical assistance or for rush cases, please contact the laboratory directly: by phone at 204 261-8555 or by email at

Crown and Bridge
Full Metal Crown
Post and Core (direct)
Temporary Crown
Precision Attachment
Semi Precision Attachment

Crown and Bridge Porcelain
Crown PFM Anterior
Porcelain Shoulder
Vemeer Plus Inlays Porcelain
Procera or Lava Zirconia Crowns
Maryland Bridge
One Pontic
Re-Etching (polish and clean)

Diagnostic Wax-up
Clear Vacuum Forms Splint for Temporary
Custom Shade
Custom Tray
Night Gaurd, Hard Acrylic
Night Gaurd, Thermoflex
Mouth Gaurd, Proform

Complete Dentures (Upper & Lower)
Articulated on Freeplane or Hanau Setup
Reset, Minor Adjustments
Custom Tray (Light Cured)
Stabilized Base Plate and Occlusal Rim
Rebase CUD or CLD

Acrylic Partial
One tooth Partial No Clasp
Custom Implant Abutments

Value Add Products and Services
Rush services on urgent cases:
Gold: 48 hour turnaround (if needed)

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