The Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Program
Central to our mission is our Quality Assurance program, characterized by a commitment to

Consistency: We will ensure that your cases are assigned to dedicated staff, and that consistent, high quality manufacturing processes are used. Our program includes detailed quality checks during every step of the fabrication process, including receiving and shipping.

Communication: At Prestige, we have discovered that the key to patient satisfaction is frequently the quality of the communications between the dentist and the technician. We believe that regular communication between the dentist and the technician provides the highest quality restorations. Prescription clarification and early trouble-shooting of prep work both ensure that the end product meets your patients' needs. That's why our program includes immediate notification, for fabrication continuance, when any questions arise.

Attention to Detail: Microscopic examination of cases is standard practice at Prestige. As a result, margin error is minimized, and correctable imperfections in the wax-up and model work are caught and remedied before errors occur. This reduces patient repeat visits, and wasted time.


  • Quality work equals patient satisfaction: Every case that we receive is assessed, trimmed and inspected by a senior technician.
  • Support: Knowledge and skill play a critical role in the services we offer. Regardless of the service you are looking for, from bonding procedures to case planning for implants, we are there to support you.
  • Accuracy: Daniel Lambert brings over 25 years of experience in the field, and extensive background as a ceramist to each ceramic case. With a focus on continuous learning, our staff attends industry seminars and trainings regularly.
  • Customized Processes: We will work with your team personally, on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that your patients receive the level of service that you need for them. Colour matching, on your premises or ours, Procera® ceramics, [link to website]and utilization of the newest technology will ensure that your patients return for repeat business and refer new patients.
  • Flexible hours: We work with you to ensure that your cases are prepared and ready when you need them.


Our Warranty Program
Our warranty program begins with a simple statement: your satisfaction is our measure of success. We provide a three-year warranty on all restorations.

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