Prestige Dental Studio goes beyond the basic standards for dental products, design and services.

There is always a balance required between using a proven technology and innovation. Our senior technician, Daniel Lambert, has over 25 years of experience as a dental technician. He has the background, experience and flexibility to examine, assess and test new production methodologies prior to implementing them on customer cases.

As a result, Prestige has developed a good in-house balance between innovation and proven technology.

While we meet all industry standards for porcelain and gold manufacturing, we have also made a commitment to innovation and excellence, including:

Custom Shadings using Vita Easyshade [link to website]

Vita Easyshade features fast, accurate colour matching that provides higher shade-quality assurance, less chairtime and fewer remakes.

Standard Vita Easyshade colour matching service: Your patients can come directly to Prestige Dental Studio at 333 Roseberry Street (at Ness Avenue) and our technician will provide a colour assessment and matching service.

Alternatively, you can make special arrangements for our staff member to visit your office practice so that you can offer your patients in house service.


In-house scanning for Procera Coping, A Strong Alternative To Metal [link to website]

More and more patients are asking for constructions made of materials not containing metal or other alloys. We are pleased to offer two choices made from a bio-compatible material.

Lab Procedures
At Prestige, we have invested in the most modern equipment: When your models arrive at Prestige Dental Studio, the die of the prepared tooth is scanned in the Procera Scanner, which transfers the information to a PC data file. The final design enhancements of the coping (desired shape, overall thickness, precise angle of emergence, and any final margin refinements) are defined. This digital information is then transmitted via modem to the Procera production facility.

At this facility, a die model is precision milled by a computer-controlled milling machine. High-purity aluminum oxide powder is thinly pressed using very high pressure to produce the dense coping’s inside surface. The outside of the coping is then milled to the desired design of the coping before the final high temperature (1,550 C) sintering process.

The finished coping is then sent back to Prestige Dental Studio. Here, porcelain is stacked and baked on, to produce the final restoration.

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