Nobel Biocare's Procera AllCeram ®©[link to website]

The translucent coping offers remarkable esthetic characteristics. When combined with Procera® AllCeram Porcelain these characteristics are put to their very best advantage. In order to recreate the beauty of natural teeth, the porcelain has been formulated to make the most of the coping's inherent potential.

Prestige Dental Studio in conjunction with Nobel Biocare, is pleased to offer you and your patients this high strength all-ceramic crown which combines translucent, metal-free esthetics with increased flexural strength, bio-compatibility and precision fit.
Procera AllCeram is the first universally recommended all-ceramic crown for both anterior and posterior applications.
With Procera® Prestige technicians can design a coping for a full crown restoration controlling the thickness, emergence profile, and finish line.

Procera AllCeram is composed of a coping made completely of dense-sintered, extremely pure aluminum oxide covered by baked-on porcelain. The sintered coping is produced in a CAD/CAM industrial process known as the Procera method, which ensures optimal fit, great strength, non-porosity and good translucence.

Procera AllCeram has been thoroughly tested worldwide since 1989.


All Ceramic Lava Zirconia ®©[link to website]
With five years of clinical history and proven results, Lava Zirconia is indicated for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges.

  • A patented substructure available in 8 different shades
  • Proven high strength performance
  • Precision CAC/CAM system for outstanding marginal fit
  • Natural translucency and unmatched esthetics
  • Conventional cementation
  • Minimal removal of tooth structure
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